April’s Featured Readings at Gallery 500

This month’s featured authors are Susan Rukeyser and Carol Teitelbaum on April 14th beginning at noon. Gallery 500 is located at 500 S. Palm Canyon in Palm Springs. An open mic is included and authors will have books for sale. Refreshments can be purchased at Ristretto.¬† Join us for another amazing literary event!


The Time is Now

Fellow writers, The Time is Now Writing Prompts is a site sponsored by Poets&Writers. They offer weekly writing prompts for creative non-fiction, poetry, and fiction. If you need to nudge that muse, go to the site and scroll down until a prompt inspires a memory or idea for your writing.

Featured Readings at Gallery 500

The readings at Gallery 500 in Palm Springs are continuing. This Sunday, March 24th my readers will be Ruth Lindemann, Noreen Lawlor, and Judi Hollis. The readings will begin at noon. An open mic is included and the authors will have books for sale. Refreshments can be purchased at Ristretto. Gallery 500 is located at 500 S. Palm Canyon in Palm Springs.

A little about this month’s line-up:

Ruth Lindemann has written novels based on her experiences as a child during The Holocaust.

Noreen Lawlor is a dynamic poet

Judi Hollis’ books address diet and fitness.

Join us for a enlightening afternoon!

Featured Readings at Gallery 500

Where: Gallery 500 located at 500 S. Palm Canyon. You can also enter the gallery from Indian

Readers: Poet Cynthia Anderson and short story writer Lee Miller. Readers will have books for sale. An open mic is also included

Time: 2PM

When: Sept. 16th

Your host: moi

Feel free to purchase delicious goodies and coffee at Ristretto. You are welcome to bring them with to the gallery


August 19th at Gallery 500

We have another new site for the monthly authors series, Gallery 500 in Palm Springs. The gallery, located at 500 S. Palm Canyon is part of Ristretto coffee house. The gallery is down the hall from Ristretto in the 500 building. This month’s readers are poet Anita Harmon and inspirational writer Ulrike. The readings begin at two. Refreshments can be purchased at Ristretto and brought into the gallery. An open mic is included, and the authors will have books for sale.

July’s Featured Readings at Colliding Worlds Gallery

July’s featured readings will be held on July 22nd at two o’clock at Colliding Worlds Gallery in Cathedral City. This month we have a quite varied agenda. Lucy Wilson is a poet, Gary Alexander wrote a memoir on his experiences as a drag queen who performed in straight clubs, and Arthur Wilhelm has written a biography on Rita Hayworth. There will be books for sale, and as always a open mic as well.

Next Featured Reading at Colliding Worlds Gallery

This month’s readings at Colliding Worlds Gallery is March 25th at two o’clock. Join us as yours truly, poet D. Marie Fitzgerald, and memoirist Kathy Bjork share their works with you. Kathy’s memoir, entitled My Mother is Losing Her Memory and I am Losing My Mind, chronicles her experience of taking care of her mother who suffered from dementia.

Colliding Worlds is located at 68-895 Perez Rd., suite I-13 in Cathedral City. Owner Angela Valente Romeo. For further info contact D. Marie at msfitz1951@gmail.com or Angela at 510-334-6996.

See you on the 25th.