Monthly Archives: December 2015


The word ‘should’ has so many connotations. To me, the word ‘should’ implies a judgment from one person to another. “You should do this.” Although there are times when the word should is applicable, I think most of the time it is restrictive and judgmental. What do you think?

write to an author you admire

have you ever written, facebooked, or emailed a writer whose work you admire? I have a few times. The only one who ever wrote me back was Natalie Goldberg. I facebooked quite a lengthy message on Sharon Old’s page, and she never answered me. I also sent a message to John Bradshaw and we are on LinkedIn. Let me know if you have ever written to an author and whether or not they responded.


I was just introduced to this at Sunday’s open mic and I have not tried this yet. Lipogram means “leaving out a letter.” Larousse defines a lipogram as a “literary work in which one compels oneself strictly to exclude one or several letters of the alphabet.” Now omitting a particular consonant would not be too difficult; just don’t use words that contain that consonant. For example, “The Raven” contains no Zs, but it’s not apparent that Poe did that intentionally. But, leaving out a particular vowel would be much more challenging. Let’s try this!