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keep several journals

Journaling is not only a great way to chronicle your life experiences, but can also be a great inspiration for poems, memoir pieces, and short stories. I have several different kinds of journals, each with their own particular purpose. I have my “life journals” that I have kept for decades, starting with the first journal I ever received on my thirtieth birthday. Since then there is  the journal for my thirties, one for my forties, one for my fifties, and now my sixties. But I keep other journals as well. I have one journal in which I reminisce what I refer to as “magical moments”. Some of the entries include giving birth, the first time I heard The Firesign Theater, and that night I slept on the cliffs at Las Piedras Blancas. I have another journal in which I remember people who have made a significant impact on my life. Another journal is for “things.” In this one I write about material objects that have meant something to me, such as an Irish wool scarf a former boyfriend bought me, the Japanese vase I inherited from my mother, the two feathers from my love bird that I keep in a special little box. Then there is the journal for significant places, places where I have either lived or traveled. I even have a journal my daughter gave me entitled One Line a Day. In this one you write just one line on what happened that day. The journal chronicles five years of one liners for each day of the year. Now, in light of all this you must be thinking, “My God, how does she find the time to write in all of those journals?” Well, I don’t write in more than one a day, and sometimes I may even go weeks without writing in any of them. The quantity does not matter. What matters is the recording, not only of our unique lives, but to accumulate a plethora of material that can inspire your writing.

Happy writing!



A Thanksgiving Thought

I first saw this on Facebook.

Ten Ways to Know you Have a Wonderful Life

  1. you have clean clothes
  2. you have a good heart
  3. you will eat today
  4. you have clean water
  5. you have shelter
  6. you have people who care about you
  7. you have people you care about
  8. you have faith in a higher power and that higher power could be you
  9. you have family or had a family
  10. you have friends