Monthly Archives: June 2017

Program at the Indio Family Justice Center

There is a call for someone to teach girls at The Indio Family Justice Center. They are looking for someone to teach a creative writing class for one week to girls aged 13-18. They are offering a stipend for the week. If interested go to

June’s Featured Reading Line-up

On June 17th at Koffi in Rancho Mirage, located at 71-380 Highway 111, featured authors are as follows: Ulrike Maria and David Cat Cohen. The program begins at two o’clock and an open mic is also included.

Ulrike writes primarily about her metaphysical findings. She has published five books; some of the titles are Modern Thought Theories and Better Living through Right Thinking. Her presentation is sure to be inspiring.

David Cat Cohen has published eight books on food, travel, and music. Some of his titles include Chicken Soups From Around The World and Road Stories Southwest. He is a gregarious presence and his recipes are tempting!

So, come and enjoy, listen, participate, and even buy a book! These should promise to be good summer reading.