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Where Poets Post

Starting today Tuesday the 21st of April and every Tuesday hereafter, I will post one of my poems. BUT, the exciting thing is I invite you to send me yours to, then click on reruns: poetry and prose/official site of d. marie fitzgerald/author. Enter your poem in the comment box and I will post your poem on my site. If you wish a critique let me know. Let’s have some fun sharing our work!

Here goes:

Lonely Night in Sugartown

Street light burning

bulb hanging down below a willow tree

wrought iron from the balcony staring

white framed window pane house.

rugs hanging out to dry

and company’s coming

pot roast dripping blood

over Formica

to Formica.

The lady of the house is not in

she’s sitting in the bathroom

with a snifter of Drambuie

dripping of humidity

and smoking away the time.